Neckerchiefs: A Trendy Accessory For Any Season

These Are More Than Just A Normal Scarf Who doesn’t want to look mesmerizing when the weather outside is amazing and you have ample locations to get yourself photographed? Every season comes with its unique apparel demand supplemented by the pleasing accessories. Think of someone photo shooting in the snow-clad vale and you’ll end up […]

Wool vs Cashmere: What is the difference?

The Winter season is finally here and it’s time to add those warm layers to your wardrobe.While we are ready to welcome those cosy winter essentials, we want to know which wool we want to hang in there and if there are more variants that we can explore. Here we are talking about Cashmere – […]

Welcome to our new website!

We are very excited that our website is finally live! It has been an interesting journey for all of us at Me & K from those early days of the pandemic when everything looked so bleak, to where we are today – grateful for what we have and looking forward to new beginnings. What better […]


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