Me & K is a small, family-run business which prides itself on the superior quality and attention to detail inherent in the centuries old processes used in the making of a genuine Kashmir shawl.

Started by two Kashmiri cousins, Mujtaba Kadri and Rauf Shaw, our scarves and shawls are made using the very finest cashmere, sustainably sourced from Changra goats in the Changthang region of Himalayas. We aim to visually weave the romance, luxury and exquisite craftsmanship, characteristic of the centuries-old art of shawl-making in Kashmir, into our creations.

By honouring the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the Kashmir shawl, we blend traditional hand spinning, weaving and embroidery techniques, passed down through generations of Kashmiri artisans, with innovations in design to bring you the finest quality scarves and shawls. Our products speak to the quality-conscious, socially responsible customer, with a love for authenticity and the art of artisan-crafted cashmere.


Coming from a family with a long association with the shawl trade – four generations involved in the buying, selling and crafting of Kashmiri pashmina/cashmere– Mujtaba Kadri and Rauf Shaw were well placed to take advantage of the explosion in global demand for pashmina products which hit luxury markets across the world in the late 1990’s.

They set out to establish their own independent label and launched Me & K in 2008. Teaming up with their sister, who had long been established in the US, the company enjoyed global success for many years as a highly desirable, independent, luxury fashion brand, pioneering fine-weave cashmere scarves for all seasons. Operating out of India and selling in hundreds of stores across the world; including Bloomingdales and Henri Bendel in the US, Liberty and Harvey Nicholas in London, Le Bon Marche in Paris, Lane Crawford in Hongkong, and Takashimaya and United Arrows in Japan…….. there was no looking back. Until 2020 when the global pandemic hit and orders were cancelled overnight.

After decades of spending months each year away from his native Kashmir, doing business across Europe, the US and Asia, Kadri was forced to stay put through lockdown. During this time he had an epiphany, which rekindled his deep love for his land, culture and heritage. With it came a reimagining of Me & K towards a new, more socially- conscious vision.

Political instability, coupled with the effects of the pandemic have seen the people of Kashmir suffer more than ever. Employment opportunities are limited and traditional skills are being lost. By investing resources in the community, we are helping our artisans protect their livelihoods and the rich cultural heritage that makes Kashmir so special. Me & K is synonymous with this heritage and is creating a solid framework for the art of shawl weaving to flourish and continue to be a legacy for future generations.


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